EUCALAND Special Sessions

 EUCALAND has organised the following special sessions within the framework of the biannual PECRSL conferences:

  • 2018: Clermont-Ferrand (FR) 6th special EUCALAND session in 4 slots, 16 presentations, abstract, several publications will be organised by the chairs.
  • 2016: Innsbruck (AT) 5th special EUCALAND session in two slots, 6 presentations, abstract, publication is envisaged in the Hungarian Journal of Ecology
  • 2014: Gothenburg (SE) 4th special EUCALAND session, abstract
  • 2012: Leeuwarden (NL) 3rd special EUCALAND session, abstract, published in Hungarian Journal of Ecology 2013 Vol 11, No 1
  • 2010: Riga (LT) 2nd special EUCALAND session with 11 presentations and 1 poster, abstract, published in Europ. Countrys. · 2· 2012
  • 2008: Óbidos (PT) 1st special EUCALAND session with 15 presentations, abstract, published in Hungarian Journal of Ecology 2010 Vol 7, No 1