• 2007-2009: Eucaland-Project, funded within the culture2007-2013 program of the European Commission. The project was lead by the University of Cambridge, Department of Geography.

EUCALAND Project LogoMain results of this project, see also the EUCALAND book, which can be ordered through the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via the publisher Palombi Editori (

  • I. Methodes for describing European agricultural landscapes: definitions, cultural character and values (coordinator: María Dolores Velarde, ES)
  • II. European agricultural landscape history (coordinator: Hans Renes, NL)
  • III. Complexity and contingency: classifying the influence of agricultura on European landscapes (coordinator: Graham Fairclough, UK)
  • IV: Assessement of policies considering cultural heritage in European agricultural landscapes (coordinator: Lionella Scazzosi, IT)
  • V. Planning the future of Europan agricultural landscapes considering their cultural value and heritage (coordinator Christian Steiner, AT)
  • VI: Glossary on agricultural terms & Travelling exhibition (coordinator: Alexandra Kruse, Helmut Kruckenberg, DE)