In 2012 the EUCALAND-Network was transferred to an association under German law: Institut für Europäische Agrarlandschaftsforschung (Institute for Research on European Agricultural Landscapes) EUCALAND e.V.. Statutes

The EUCALAND board is made up by volunteers. The board was elected in 2012 on the Members' General Assembly in Leeurwarden and re-elected in Gothenburg in 2014.

  • President: Prof Hans Renes (The Netherlands)
  • Secretary General Dr Alexandra Kruse (Germany/France)
  • Treasurer Dr Sebastian Eiter (Norway).

 completed by

  • Cash auditors: Helmut Kruckenberg (DE) and Bernd Paulowitz (FR/DE)
  • Enlarged board: Martina Slamova (SK), Michael Roth (DE), Zdeněk Kučera (CZ), Lena Athanasiadou (GR), Mateja Šmid Hribar (SI)

Every member is invited to take over responsibility. Proposals and discussion on that are supposed to be held every two years on the biennial meeting at the PECSRL Conferences.

Tasks of the EUCALAND board:

  • Coordination and facilitation of the network activities
  • Conduct projects
  • (new) Project development
  • Network communication and services including maintenance of the member’s contacts
  • Dissemination of information (e. g. conference dates, new organisations, laws etc.)
  • Organisation of workshops and courses

The EUCALAND Board represents also the Network and helps to keep it running. Special tasks can be defined at any time. The Board works democratically and on an equitable basis.

All positions will be discussed and if applicable elected on the biannial Members' General Assembly. The Members' General Assembly is public. The following General Member Assemblies took place so far:

In between, the board meets, mostly via Skype several times a year.

  • Minutes can be find here